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Outlook for industrialized Countries GHG Emissions to 2010

September 11, 2002
By Robert A. Reinstein

From an Open Forum, "Calculating the Costs of the Kyoto Protocol – How Will It Affect Europe’sCompetitiveness?," sponsored by International Council for Capital Formation


The following paper presents a brief assessment of where the European Union and other key industrialized countries listed in Annex B of the Kyoto Protocol stand with regard to recent  emission trends and projected GHG emissions in relation to the targets set out for each in Annex B. The papers draws on original analysis presented in the Outlook for Industrialized Countries Greenhouse Gas Emissions, 1999 Edition (Reinstein & Associates International, January 2000), a two-volume study which examined all of the sectors and countries in detail.

As in the Outlook, historical emissions are presented for 1990 (or earlier years for eastern European countries using different base periods) and 1999. For some countries which had not reported emission data for non-energy CO2, CH4, N2O and other gases as of November 2001, data for the most recent year for which emission had been reported were used as a surrogate for 1999 data.

Read the Full Paper (PDF)


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